On the 1st March 2011, the team concluded a High Court Action on behalf of a 37 year old widow in a fatal claim arising out of medical negligence for the sum of 1m, together with an Apology from the Defendants for the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of her husband.

In August 2004, the Plaintiff`s husband "the Deceased" developed diarrhoea and vomiting which continued throughout the next day.  The Plaintiff contacted an out of hours emergency GP service who offered the Deceased an appointment to be seen by one of their Doctors at a local District Hospital at 22.00 hours.  On attending the District Hospital, the Deceased was diagnosed with the winter vomiting virus and, was administered Cyclomorph, 15 miligrams intramuscularly.  On returning home, the Deceased went to bed.  Whilst the Deceased felt nauseous, he did not vomit again.  However, at 01.30 hours the Deceased got up to go to the bathroom and collapsed.  The out of hours GP service was again contacted and a GP was sent to the deceased's home.  The Doctor, who attended the Deceased, informed the Plaintiff that these symptoms were caused by a reaction to the previous injection.  He said he would give the Deceased a further injection which would counter the previous injection.  At this point a drug called Largactil [an anti-psychotic which was totally inappropriate], 50 milligrams, intramuscularly, was administered.  At approximately 09.40 hours the Deceased went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at approximately 10.45 hours.

The Deceased was only 31 years old when he died and he is survived by the Plaintiff and their two very young children, the eldest of which was only 2 years old when his father died and the youngest of which was only 6 days old when his father died.

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