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Posted in General Updates on 14 March 2018
At Cantillons our ethos is that we set legal precedents rather than just following them.  It is perhaps easy to compose these marketing phrases but what is the proof?  What legal precedents have been set by Cantillons?  Cantillons Solicitors have been involved in a number of key le...
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Posted in Medical Negligence on 07 March 2018
The latest cancer misdiagnosis case involving the inspirational Alison McCormack made for very sad viewing on the RTE Prime Time Investigates programme recently. For those of you who might have missed it, Alison was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), a localised form of breast cancer...
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Posted in General Legal Tips on 01 February 2018
On a recent visit to Dublin for a trial at the Four Courts, I was, once again, struck by the vast number of homeless fellow citizens of all ages, sleeping rough on the streets of our Capital. I reflected on how there was so much more to our homeless crisis than what meets the eye on the street, with...
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Posted in General Updates on 17 January 2018
The blogging world in Ireland has been turned on its head since the beginning of 2018, as the credibility and social responsibility of those in the business has been called into question. The buzz term “influencer” which may be foreign to some, has in the past number of years proved to b...
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Posted in General Updates on 03 January 2018
Tracker Mortgages which are featuring in the media in recent weeks, are a type of mortgage whereby the interest rate charged by the bank for the mortgage follows or ‘tracks’ another interest rate on the market, such as the European Central Bank’s interest rate. At the time of th...
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