What our clients say

Please find below some of the lovely comments we have received from out clients over the years. As you can appreciate, we needed to keep these anonymous due to the confidential nature of the cases.

"Ernest and his team are a credit to their profession"
I found Mr. Cantillon to be a huge help in every aspect of my case and he is one of the biggest supporters of the Disabled Rights Campaign.  A model for all Solicitors to follow.  Ernest and his team are a credit to their profession.
"They are professional and caring"
They are professional and caring, it’s a rare combination to get in a legal firm, I have dealt with other solicitors and its like comparing a 2 star hotel to a 5 star.
"We had the best possible team "
We always said, win or lose, we had the best possible team on our case.
"They will give you the strength"
It's good to be with Cantillons, they will give you the strength and they carry the weight of your case.
"Stuck with me every step of the way"
I was a very demanding client, and they listened to me, stuck with me every step of the way.
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