Posted in Success Stories on 28 April 2014

On the 29th April 2014, the Medical Negligence Team of Cantillons Solicitors settled a High Court Action for a 72 year old man who sustained brain damage following the administration of a general anaesthetic for routine surgery.      

Our client went into Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry for surgery on his right ankle.  Following the administration of the general anaesthetic the client’s heart rate dropped (known as Bradycardia) and then stopped completely. The Anaesthetist administered drugs to resuscitate the client and he was revived within 5 minutes and he woke up and was responsive.  The resuscitation drugs caused the client’s heart rate to beat very fast (known as Tachycardia) and as a consequence his blood pressure rose above normal limits.  This is quite usual and, in the normal course of events, should not require any action. It is a transitory response to the drugs. The Anaesthetist wrongly administered a drug to lower the heart rate/blood pressure (a Beta Blocker), causing the client’s heart to stop again. It took 15 minutes to restart the client’s heart on the second occasion.  He had to be admitted as an emergency to Beaumont Hospital.  He required full life supports and had a stormy recovery period over the succeeding months. Unfortunately, when he did wake he was left intellectually and physically compromised as his brain had been deprived of oxygen.

Proceedings were issued by the team against the Anaesthetist, and these proceedings were compromised for a significant sum at the High Court on the first day of the trial.

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* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.

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