Posted in General Updates on 08 November 2013

Ernest Cantillon was asked by the Faculty of Law at UCC to address this conference.  The Conference, which was chaired by Ms. Justice Mary Irvine, considered the role of the State, and its current policy on adverse events in healthcare. 

Ernest Cantillon suggested that a more candid approach by doctors and hospitals to the defence of medical negligence claims would speed up claims and reduce the costs involved, to the benefit of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Other speakers at the conference included Jerry Healy SC; Dr. Deirdre Madden, Faculty of Law, UCC; Margaret Murphy, Patient Advocate; Prof Richard Greene, Director of National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre and Professor of Clinical Obstetrics, UCC; Mary Duff, Director of Nursing, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin and Patricia Mallon, Solicitor, Eoin C Daly Mallon. 

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