Posted in Success Stories on 01 December 2001

This case sought to underscore persons with special needs right to appropriate education.   In an effort to build on the ground breaking success of the O'Donoghue case, it sought to establish one's right to education post eighteen.  The State successfully argued that one's constitutional right to education ceases at age eighteen.  However, the Sinnott case firmly established one's right to free primary education up to age eighteen and also opened the door in the context of litigation going forward pursuant to the Education Act, 1998 for those seeking to establish their right to Education, post eighteen.  Again Mr. Cantillon litigated this matter in the High Court and on appeal to the Supreme Court.  The Plaintiff also recovered substantial damages, (compensation) from the State in light of the inappropriate educational provision received by Mr. Sinnott in his formative years.

See sections on Employment Law and Education & Special Needs. 

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