Posted in General Legal Tips on 23 June 2017

We have been consulted recently by a number of clients who have raised concerns in relation to the delay in accessing Needs Assessments for their children.

Under the Disability Act, 2005, where a person (or a parent of a person) applies to the HSE for an Assessment of Needs, in relation to a specific need or particular service, that Assessment must be commenced within 3 months of the date of the receipt of the Application.

It has been reported that there were nearly 4000 children overdue for an Assessment at the end of 2016.  

The Legislation is very clear, the HSE has the statutory obligation to deliver an Assessment of Needs within the timeframe.

The delay in making an Assessment can have a long lasting and detrimental effect on some of the most vulnerable in society.   A delay in intervention at the early stages of a child’s life, in certain instances, can leads to irreversible consequences.

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