Posted in Success Stories on 26 September 2012

The Medical Negligence team at Cantillons settled a High Court claim for a lady who had a cervical stitch (Shirodkar Suture) inserted during the currency of her twin pregnancy which should have been removed during the caesarean section to deliver her twins.  However, the Shirodkar Suture was not removed and the lady developed most unpleasant gynaecological symptoms. The lady attended her General Practitioner, underwent examinations, had various investigations performed and attended Consultant appointments.  However, it took 2 years and 4 months following the delivery before the Shirodkar Suture was identified and removed. Following the removal of the Shirodkar Suture the lady’s symptoms all abated and were therefore attributable to the negligent failure to remove the Shirodkar Suture.  The lady received substantial damages.

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