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Settlement negotiated by Orla Kelly of Cantillons following Prescription Error
11 July 2018

Orla Kelly as part of the Medical Negligence Team was instructed by a gentleman who suffered a heart attack.  Following some investigation as to the reason for the heart attack it transpired that his GP had inadvertently omitted to prescribe a medication which had been advised by the cardiology Consultants and which was designed to prevent a further heart attack.  The matter was defended by all four Defendants, which included the GP practice and the two hospitals which had been monitoring this man in their cardiology out-patient departments but failed to detect the error.    

An out of Court settlement was achieved just two days in advance of trial, avoiding the need to go to Court and providing this gentleman with a payment to cover his medical expenses and for his pain and suffering due to the trauma of a heart attack which could have been avoided.

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