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Case for Partner and Mother of Deceased Settled in the High Court
21 March 2019

Cantillons Solicitors acted on behalf of the Mother and Partner of a 28 year old Spanish national, who sadly died as a result of a failure to diagnose and treat a type of rare (but eminently treatable) cancer known as Histiocytic Sarcoma. The deceased who was living in Kerry at the time, presented at her GP with a lump in her neck and was sent for further investigations at Kerry General Hospital, including a biopsy. This biopsy clearly demonstrated features of malignancy, but sadly these features were overlooked and the deceased was incorrectly diagnosed (and treated) for Tuberculosis. Over a short number of weeks, her condition deteriorated and she sadly died whilst in the presence of her mother and Partner. Her family were not advised of her cancer diagnosis until after her death.

Her Partner look a case for psychological injuries she suffered as a result of her Partners suffering and untimely death. The deceased’s Mother took a fatal case on behalf of all of the dependants and a personal injury case for the psychological injury she suffered.

Both matters were settled with a letter of apology issued on behalf of the Health Service Executive to the family. 

See link to Irish Times article below:

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