On the 7th October 2014 the Medical Negligence team of Cantillons Solicitors settled a High Court Action for a 13 year old boy, Noel McCarthy. Noel was born very prematurely, at 25 weeks gestation (with normal gestation being 40 weeks) on the 4th August 2001 at the Erinville Hospital, Cork.  He had a number of medical problems associated with prematurity but in particular, he developed a well-known and recognised condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).  There are, and were in 2001, Guidelines and Protocols in place, which direct the medical staff as to how to deal with this condition.   Unfortunately for Noel, the medical team at Cork University Hospital failed in their obligations to Noel.  Treatment was delayed and as a consequence, Noel lost his sight and is now totally blind.  The case was widely reported in the press see links below.



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