Cantillons Solicitors settled a case for a 69 year old widower following the negligent repair and treatment of an umbilical hernia in February 2014. Following his discharge from hospital, the Plaintiff became unwell. He was readmitted to hospital by his GP who was concerned that the wound was infected. However upon arrival at the hospital, the infection was overlooked, and he was discharged home, where he lived alone. The Plaintiff’s health significantly deteriorated over the coming weeks and he was once again readmitted via the A&E due to the concerns of his GP. On this occasion a CT scan of his abdomen was performed which revealed a large abscess. Unfortunately, this abscess was not treated for a further week, which meant the Plaintiff required significant open abdominal surgery to treat the infection. Further complications arose out of this surgery which resulted in 8 months in hospital with two additional abdominal surgeries. Ultimately the Plaintiff never fully recovered from this, and has been left with a grossly disfigured abdomen which causes him pain on a daily basis.  The Plaintiff’s case was successfully settled for a significant sum after 3 days at hearing in the High Court.

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