Cantillons were instructed by the family of a gentleman regarding medical negligence which led to his wrongful death.  The gentleman in question underwent an MRI Scan but unfortunately the MRI was wrongfully and incorrectly reported as normal.  In the years following the MRI this man continued to deteriorate until ultimately following a seizure it was detected that the original MRI scan had been misread.  In retrospect the MRI had showed clear signs of a tumour.  However at that stage the tumour had developed to such an extent that it was too late.  Lifesaving brain surgery was attempted but unfortunately the gentleman died shortly afterwards.

This was an extremely difficult case for the family.  Cantillons represented the family at the Inquest.  Despite the fact that an admission of negligence emerged at the Inquest, the proceedings were defended fully for a number of years until a few short weeks in advance of trial. 

Orla Kelly was responsible for the proceedings. Ultimately a settlement was procured to the satisfaction of this gentleman’s family.  No money will compensate them for the loss of this gentleman. However the case may well raise awareness with the Defendants and their Insurers of such wrongdoings.

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