Karen Kearney and the medical negligence team in Cantillons acted on behalf of an elderly widow in a medical negligence claim prosecuted in the High Court, Dublin and ruled by Cross J. on the 15th November 2018.

Prior to the Defendants’ negligence, our client was living a very independent life.  She was a full time carer for one of her children with special needs. 

On the 1st July 2014, she underwent an unnecessary, inappropriate and contra-indicated arthroscopy to her left knee, performed by Mr. Imran Sharif, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Hermitage Clinic, Dublin.

She developed a post-operative complication in the form of septic arthritis which triggered an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

This in turn triggered a hypoxic brain injury.

The septic arthritis was negligently managed by the three HSE run hospitals and Mr. Sharif. 

There was a delay in the diagnosis of the septic arthritis and even after it was diagnosed, it was negligently treated.

This negligence led to our client having to undergo an arthrodesis of the left knee, namely a surgical fusion of the knee joint. 

Our client is now housebound and requires 24/7 care.

The Defendants fought this case tooth and nail, right up to some five days prior to the case commencing in the High Court, Dublin.

Some of the Defendants’ experts reports, written by Irish doctors, were breath-taking in their arrogance and are hugely illustrative of the ‘old boys network’ so prevalent here in the medical world in Ireland.

When our client first instructed us in February 2016, she was determined to find out what happened to her and why. She knew her care had been substandard. She wanted answers and vindication.

The medical negligence team in Cantillons set about getting this for our client and fast tracked her case, thanks in no small part to the case being managed so ably by Cross J.

Our client achieved all she set out to get, due in no small part to her amazing courage and determination, but sadly because of her brain injury which has caused ongoing and deteriorating cognitive decline, it has come too late for her to fully appreciate all that she has in fact, achieved. 

The substantial settlement has brought peace of mind to our client’s family in that they now know that their mother’s future, in terms of her care needs and medical needs and indeed that of their sibling, in terms of his care needs, have now been secured. 

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