In June 2011, the team succeeded in settling a claim for a mother after seven days of hearing at the High Court in Dublin.  The Firm represented a woman who gave birth in a Cork Maternity Hospital to her first born son in July 2006.   There were a number of features associated with the pregnancy and labour which indicated that shoulder dystocia was likely to occur.   Thus a caesarean section should have been considered and performed.  This did not occur. Instead the woman was allowed to continue in labour and the inevitable happened.  The baby got stuck in the birth canal.  An emergency arose when the baby's head was delivered but the torso and particularly the shoulder became stuck in the birth canal.  It was necessary to perform a symphysiotomy to release the baby.  The baby was born with cerebral palsy and the mother suffered significant injuries. The mother's claim settled for a significant six figure sum.  The child's claim is pending.

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