The Medical Negligence team of Cantillons settled a High Court claim for a client who suffered injuries as a consequence of the negligent care and treatment afforded to her during her pregnancy. In the early stages of her pregnancy, a complex ovarian cyst was identified on an ultrasound scan. Subsequently, no monitoring, or indeed investigations of the cyst, took place and the existence of the cyst was totally ignored, despite the fact that the client attended the maternity hospital on a number of occasions for review and further ultrasounds were taken. The cyst should have been removed by means of a laparotomy at fourteen weeks gestation. Instead, the cyst was permitted to grow, unmonitored, and by virtue of its presence, caused the client to have a very difficult pregnancy. Furthermore, the client was deprived of a vaginal delivery and had to undergo a caesarean section in the late stages of pregnancy immediately prior to the removal of the cyst and ovary. Unfortunately because of the delay in treating the ovarian cancer, it had progressed and the client required chemotherapy and subsequently, the removal of her second ovary.  Shortly before the case was due to commence in the High Court in Dublin for two weeks, the case settled for a significant sum.

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