Brigid O’Donnell and the Litigation Team recently represented a lady and gentleman who had been involved in a road traffic accident whereby their car had been rear ended and they suffered injuries.  They had lodged their own Applications with PIAB, not realising that they had the entitlement to legal advices during the assessment process.  When they received their assessment of damages, they realised that the assessment did not cover their future medical expenses.  A problem arose whereby, since the date of the PIAB assessment, their Doctors had recommended further investigations to rule out any underlying difficulties in circumstances where their symptoms had persisted.  The gentleman was referred for an MRI scan and the lady required an MRI scan, EMG testing and was required to attend for an intensive course of physiotherapy.  Accordingly, they had incurred significant medical expenses and looked likely to incur further expenses in the future.  This expense had not been captured by way of the PIAB assessment. Court proceedings were initiated on their behalf. When our clients’ doctors could comment on their prognoses, we were in a position to engage in settlement negotiations on their behalf content in the knowledge that we could advise appropriately regarding the adequacy of any settlement offer and could ensure that all items of out of pocket expense had been accounted for.  

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* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.

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