In June 2017, Susie Elliott and the medical negligence team at Cantillons reached a further substantial settlement in the case of Patricia Ingle v HSE. It brings to €10,450,000 million the total awarded to Patricia Ingle to date.
By way of background, in 2008, Ms Ingle sustained a profound brain injury as a result of an infection, contracted during the course of her employment at a pet store, which infection was subsequently mismanaged by the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Dooradoyle, Limerick and the Health Service Executive. As a result, Ms Ingle, now 28 years of age, suffered catastrophic injuries and remains profoundly physically and functionally compromised.
On the 30th June, 2011, the 28th June, 2013 and again on the 8th June 2015, settlements were reached, which were made a Rule of Court, as between Ms Ingle and the HSE for the settlement of this matter on a 2 year interim basis, pending enactment of legislation allowing for periodic payments. In June 2017, in the absence of such legislation, a further settlement was agreed between the parties on a 3 year interim basis allowing for payment of costs arising in relation to Ms. Ingles care, aids, equipment, appliances and therapies . The structured settlement agreement with the HSE , which was made a Rule of Court, is listed to go before the Court once again in July 2020.
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