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Significant Settlement for client who suffered injuries as result of a road traffic accident
Jody Cantillon and the Litigation Team recently represented a client who suffered serious personal injuries as a result of a road traffic accident. Our client was stuck from behind by another vehicle. High Court proceedings issued on behalf of our client and the Defendant was forced to admit liabili ...
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Case for Partner and Mother of Deceased Settled in the High Court
Cantillons Solicitors acted on behalf of the Mother and Partner of a 28 year old Spanish national, who sadly died as a result of a failure to diagnose and treat a type of rare (but eminently treatable) cancer known as Histiocytic Sarcoma. The deceased who was living in Kerry at the time, presented a ...
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42 year old mother of 3 young children dies within hours of visiting GP
On the 19th February 2019, the Medical Negligence Team at Cantillons settled a case for €750,000 for the Tymon family.  Mr. Michael Tymon brought a claim for himself and his young daughters Rachel, Rebecca and Katelyn against their GP Dr. Martina Cogan following the death of their wife and ...
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A Substantial Settlement with Admission of Liability for a 68 year old Woman Following Negligent Femur Repair Surgery
Cantillons Solicitors acted on behalf of a 68 year old woman who underwent femur repair surgery at an Irish Hospital in May 2014 following a fall at home. Sadly, this surgery was not carried out appropriately, nor, were the succeeding revision surgeries she underwent. As a result of this, the Plaint ...
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Man Settles Action for Significant Sum Following Negligent Hernia Repair
Cantillons Solicitors settled a case for a 69 year old widower following the negligent repair and treatment of an umbilical hernia in February 2014. Following his discharge from hospital, the Plaintiff became unwell. He was readmitted to hospital by his GP who was concerned that the wound was infect ...
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