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Substantial Award Achieved for Woman who Suffered Severe Septic Shock as a Result of Complications following Surgery for Crohn’s Disease
The Medical Negligence Team at Cantillons settled a case for a young woman who underwent arthroscopic surgery for Crohn’s Disease.   As a consequence of this surgery, she suffered an anastomotic leak.  Leaks are a recognised complication of this type of surgery.  Unfortunat ...
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Cantillons successfully represent client who suffered injuries as a result of an uninsured driver
Jody Cantillon of the litigation team recently represented a client who suffered serious injuries (both physical and psychological) as a result of a road traffic accident which was caused by an uninsured driver. Due to the absence of insurance, it was necessary to join the Motor Insurers’ Bure ...
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Substantial settlement negotiated by Brigid O'Donnell of Cantillons Solicitors represented four times the value of Tender filed by driver's insurance company
Brigid and the litigation team were successful in achieving a very significant award of damages in a case involving complex, life changing injuries suffered by a client. As a result of a road traffic accident, the client suffered neck and back injuries and was caused to strike their head on impac ...
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Significant settlement for client who suffered exacerbation in pre-existing condition due to road traffic accident
Brigid and the litigation team negotiated a significant settlement on behalf of a client who was rear ended in an RTA and suffered serious injuries as a result, without the need to go to Court. The client in question had an underlying medical condition and the accident resulted in a significant dete ...
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Substantial settlement achieved for woman who suffered severe scaring and disfigurement following a breast lift procedure
Cantillons settled a case for a young woman who underwent a mastopexy procedure (breast lift) to improve the shape of her breasts. Unfortunately, the woman was not afforded (or advised of) the appropriate aftercare and suffered serious complications including wound breakdown and infection. This resu ...
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