Professional Regulation *

Professional Regulation is a growing area of the law due to the increasing number of professions that are currently, and/or will be regulated by statute including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, solicitors, barristers, teachers and social workers. At Cantillons Solicitors we have experienced the impact that regulatory investigations can have on you and know how stressful they can be.  It is therefore important you enlist appropriate legal advice and representation, as a decision from such a body can have a life-altering consequence for you, including, potentially adversely impacting on your professional reputation and your ability to practice in your chosen profession.

How Cantillons Solicitors can help you:-

Our Professional Regulation team at Cantillons Solicitors is experienced in advising on such regulatory issues and has represented clients before various committees and/or hearings addressing both professional misconduct and/or poor professional performance. 

Cantillons Solicitors can assist with the following:-

  • Advising how to respond to an initial complaint or concern including allegations of misconduct/poor professional performance;
  • Interviewing witnesses and obtaining evidence;
  • Assistance in the preparation of oral and or written submissions;
  • Advice on the strength of the case against you;
  • The likely sanction to be imposed in the event of a finding against you;
  • Representation at preliminary hearings, interim suspension hearings; Fitness to Practise Committees; mediation, disciplinary hearings, sanction hearings or Judicial Reviews/Appeals before the High Court.

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* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.